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Love International Boat Parties 2016

  • Date: 14.03.2016.
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Both boats take their crews on a heady party to an idyllic island escape where there’s day time partying in the pine trees, a BBQ and the perfect way to celebrate the final day of Love International.

Both boats return everyone back to Tisno, partying all the way back. Guests include Peak and Swift, Moscoman, Paramida and Michael Zietara on The Argonaughty and Love International All Stars on The Martina.


Dave Harvey from Love International said: “The boat parties are such an integral part of coming to the festival, whether that’s a sun-kissed afternoon of partying or a late night session across the Adriatic.

The Garden Festival introduced the whole idea of boat parties in the region here, and in a way it typifies what coming to Love International is all about – being out on the sea and dancing with friends and great music for hours is amazing escapism!

We are really proud with our partners for this summer, who are bringing a dynamic range of sounds for everyone to get stuck into. The tickets always fly for the boat parties too, so everyone be quick!”

The Garden Festival - day time chilling - credit Khris Cowley - Here and Now

Harnessing a unique sense of intimacy and inspiration, Love International launches this summer in Tisno, surrounded by verdant pine forests and the glittering waters of the Adriatic Sea, hidden away with its own secluded beach and bay.

By day a beatific chill-out under the sizzling sun, then as the evenings gather pace the stars come out and the enchanting site transforms; as night closes in it becomes a pulsating festival which looks out across the sea.

The Garden Festival Classic Argonaughty Boat party Shot credit David Bowen

Then later everyone heads to Barbarella’s, now synonymous with some of the world’s best club spaces; an enchanting fully open-air garden-like environment, flanked by tall pine trees and the glittering Adriatic, where from midnight to 6am everyone converges from the festival’s main site to party under the stars right until the sun’s first light breaks.

This tiny strip of true paradise draws music lovers and adventure seekers from across the world to Croatia for a mesmerising holiday and festival odyssey as Love International makes its debut this summer.

£120 for 7 days and 7 nights (club and boat parties extra).

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